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Precinct Executive Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Precinct Executive for the Hamilton County Democratic Party.  The Democratic Party relies heavily on grassroots organizing and our most valuable assets are people like yourself “on the ground” promoting Democratic ideas and values.  This is a good opportunity to make a difference in the future of Democratic Politics in Hamilton County and to provide an invaluable service.

In essence, the Precinct Executive is the local eyes and ears and voice of the Democratic Party at the neighborhood level.  The various roles of Precinct Executives are described below.

Precinct Executive is a commonly used term to describe what is actually an elected office; Member of the Democratic County Central Committee.   This office appears on the primary ballot every two years, one member from each precinct.  If no one is elected, the position can be filled through appointment.  

If you wish to become a candidate for Precinct Executive in May of 2018 you must fill out this Declaration of Candidacy form and file it with the Board of Elections by 4:00 PM, Wednesday, February 7th, 2018.

Precinct Executive Roles within the Hamilton County Democratic Party

The governing structure of the Hamilton County Democratic Party is established in part by state law.  The Hamilton County Democratic Party follows the statutory option of electing Precinct Executives every two years at the even-numbered year primary election.  Elected Precinct Executives become members of the County Democratic Party Central Committee, which must meet not later than 15 days after the certification of the results of the primary election.  At that meeting, the elected Precinct Executives elect the officers of the County Democratic Party for the next two years.  They also establish the rules which will govern the Party.

The Precinct Executives from each Cincinnati ward, small city, village or township, also meet to elect the Chair of their Cincinnati ward, small city, village or township Democratic Party.

Following the initial Central Committee meeting, the Executive Committee, which is established by the rules adopted by the Central Committee, may appoint Precinct Executives in vacant precincts.  Once the appointment process is completed, the appointed Precinct Executives have all of the rights and privileges of an elected Precinct Executive.  (An elected Precinct Executive must be elected in the precinct where they reside.  An appointed Precinct Executive may be appointed to any precinct in the County that is vacant irrespective of where they live.)

To learn more about how to become an elected or appointed Precinct Executive, please call the Hamilton County Democratic Party at 421-0495.  The application for appointment can be downloaded here.

Precinct Executives Roles in Electing/Appointing Officials

Under certain circumstances, Precinct Executives play a role in naming public office holders.  For example, if an incumbent Democrat in a County Executive Office for any reason leaves office during their term, a Central Committee meeting of the Democratic Party would be called to select the successor to fill out the term.

Similarly, in statutory municipalities (those without a Charter) if a local office held by a Democrat is vacated during his or her term, the Precinct Executives in that community would meet to select a successor.

In the City of Cincinnati, Precinct Executives are also members of the Cincinnati Democratic Committee (CDC).  It is the CDC which makes endorsements for Cincinnati City Council, Cincinnati School Board and city only ballot initiatives.

In addition to these legal duties which are established either by state law or by the rules of the Democratic Party, Precinct Executives are also expected to be a part of the field operation of the County Party. 

Goals for Precinct Executives in the Field

As a Precinct Executive (PE), you are a leader in your community. Along with the rest of the PE’s in your ward and city/township/village, your role is to help ensure high Democratic turnout in every election, leading to wins for Democrats up and down the ticket.

In order to win every election and build a strong local Democratic infrastructure to last between election years, we will be using a neighborhood team model to organize our communities. PE’s in adjoining precincts may join together to form neighborhood teams and take on different leadership roles within the team. In this way, we can play to our strengths and work together to win.

To achieve this goal, all Precinct Executives should:

  • Be a leader in your neighborhood team (see leadership position descriptions below).
  • Coordinate Election Day poll worker coverage for the polling locations in your precinct.
  • Attend Precinct Executive Trainings.
  • During all general elections:
    • Attend (or lead) at least two Democratic campaign events per month.
    • Meet or speak biweekly with the Ward Chair and Coordinated Campaign organizer in your area.

Team leadership positions:

  • Neighborhood Team Leader
  • Phone Bank Captain
  • Canvass Captain
  • Volunteer Recruitment Captain
  • Voter Registration Captain
  • Data Captain
  • Constituencies Captain

Outlined below are the overall goals for each and every Precinct Executive in Hamilton County.  Please keep in mind that these are goals that the neighborhood teams are designed to assist with.


1)       Coordinate with the Ward Chair in your area to determine their needs and goals for your precinct and ward.

2)       Introduce yourself to the Democratic voters in your neighborhood; let them know you are there to answer questions about Democratic candidates or issues.  Provide them with any literature or information they request, and encourage them to volunteer and contribute.

3)    Register likely Democratic voters in your precinct.

4)    Promote absentee & early voting to likely Democratic voters in your precinct who qualify to vote via absentee ballot.

5)    Every election cycle (Primary, General and Special) contact registered Democrats in your neighborhood inform them who the endorsed Democratic candidates are.

6)    Each general election cycle, contact independent voters and educate them on the endorsed Democratic candidates and issues.

7)    For every election cycle, distribute yard signs, bumper stickers, or literature in your precinct for endorsed Democratic candidates and issues.

8)    Prior to every Election Day, contact all Democratic voters in your precinct and remind them where and when to vote.

9)    For every Election Day, determine where your precinct polling place is and help to schedule outside poll workers throughout Election Day.

10)    Convene and/or attend local gatherings and meetings in your neighborhood, including house parties or ward club meetings.

11)    Attend Precinct Executive Training provided by the Hamilton County Democratic Party.

Contacting Voters may be done by:

  • Literature Drops
  • Canvassing (door knocking)
  • Phone Banking
  • E-mail
  • Regular Mail

 Resources for Precinct Executives

Precincts are usually composed of a few blocks within a neighborhood and are very manageable for a Precinct Executive to cover.  However, if a Precinct Executive needs help to complete any of his/her goals the Hamilton County Democratic Party can help.  Please contact the Party at 421-0495.

The Hamilton County Democratic Party has available to Precinct Executives:

  • Contact information and literature for endorsed candidates and issues.
  • Sample ballots for outside poll workers
  • Precinct maps
  • Polling location information
  • Lists of registered voters, independent voters and Democratic voters in your precinct with contact information and voting history
  • Ward Chair and Ward Club contact information
  • Voter Registration, change of address and absentee ballot request forms
  • Past election results
  • Assistance with mailings
  • Training

Once again, thank you for this important contribution to the future of the Hamilton County Democratic Party.  If you ever need assistance or have any questions do not hesitate to contact the Hamilton County Democratic Party at 421-0495.

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